SCRWxxL are a line of thermostats specifically designed for the management of wine making tanks with hot/cold double circuit.

These devices feature a limited number of parameters for an intuitive setup. They are also available assembled industrial electrical panels for the control of small wineries made of just a few tanks.

EsseCI know-how and experience is at your complete disposal for the engineering / development of electrical panels and customized solutions according to the customer requirements.


  • Thermostat assembled in 32x74mm plastic box with IP65 front protection;
  • 12-24VAC-DC or 230VAC power, free contacts
  • Up to2 8A relay outputs: 1 for the hot circuit management + 1 for the cold circuit management;
  • 1 input for PTC/NTC temperature sensor;
  • 2 digital inputs for the operating mode selection of the thermostat: HOT ON / OFF or COLD ON / OFF;
  • 2 independent temperature set-points (HOT / COLD);
  • Minimum and maximum temperature alarm with optional activation of an acoustic alarm (buzzer);



  • stainless steel enclosure box;
  • master switch for the plant power on and off;
  • 3 pilot lights: HOT PUMP / COLD PUMP / PANEL POWERED;
  • a number of SCRW05L thermostats equal to the number of winemakers to control;
  • a 3-position switch HOT / OFF / COLD for each thermostat / winemaker.
  • 2 pilot lights: HOT VALVE / COLD VALVE for each thermostat / winemaker.