Temperature meters featuring input selection by parameter for NTC / PTC sensor or PT100 or TC J-K, or 0…10V or 4…20mA.


  • Available in the 32x74mm standard box and in the 29x48mm new case;
  • Extended range of power supply 12-24Vac-dc;
  • Selection of input by parameter (NTC, PTC or PT100 or TC J-K or 0…10V or 4…20mA);
  • Built-in transformer (SCL10L, SCL12L);
  • External transformer (SCL05R);
  • Key for displaying and setting parameters;
  • Digital or analog probe calibration.


Heating/conditioning/cooling rooms, ice-cream makers, ovens, furnaces, baking plants, bread-making systems, seasoning cells, etc.