EsseCI offers a wide range of thermoregulators to control the microclimatic conditions of a certain environment and contribute to the ideal conditions for the human psycho-physiological feeling of well-being.

Thermostats, chrono-thermostats available in various housings: electric industrial board, wall mount controllers, DIN rail modules, etc.

The strengths of these controllers are the intuitive setting menu, the high configurability, the implementation of the latest technology and all the ESSECI quality and know-how.


The standard product line includes:

Programmable differential temperature controller:

SCBS10: New programmable differential thermostat suitable for the automatic control of the fluid temperature in a solar circuit. It detects the difference in temperature between the solar panel and the sensor located on the bottom of the storage tank. When the measured value exceeds the programmed threshold ΔT, the thermostat switches ON the circulation pump.

APPLICATION: solar panels

Flow temperature controller with control of a 3-way actuator:

SCBA10: New digital flow temperature controller suitable for underfloor heating and cooling systems. It can control a 2-position valve (ON/OFF action) or a 3-position mixing valve (proportional action), operating time 50 / 600s.

APPLICATION: underfloor heating and cooling systems

Solar thermodynamic heating system management:

Solar thermodynamic heating systems generate hot water, by means of a heat exchanger and a solar thermodynamic panel. The panel contains an environmentally friendly, very cold fluid which draws heat from the environment as it circulates. The system is then able to extract that heat from the fluid and transfer it to the water using a heat exchanger: it is environmentally friendly and cost effcient.

The system electronic control developed by EsseCI is made of user interface and power module. The main features are:

  • 2 water temperature set-points which can be set by the programmable week-timer
  • high/low pressure alarms
  • water high temperature alarm
  • sensor not connected alarm
  • storage of the hours of operation
  • delay between the compressor stop and following restart, to prevent it from switching on and off too often
  • thermistor/boiler control, manually or automatically operated when outside temperatures are extremely low

To prevent the development of bacteria, the system is equipped with an anti-bacteria function.