EsseCI developed a line of electronic devices for the centralized total control of one up to 10 wine-making-plants even located in different places. Each plant may count up to 60 fermenters and/or autoclaves.

The solution proposed by EsseCI consists of:

  • 1 serial master terminal SCM850B equipped with a large backlit LCD display to set and manage the entire wine cellar. In particular, it allows you to set a winemaker temperature set-point, type of action (heat/cool), temperature and pressure alarms, and to manage the hot / cold pumps. Each winemaker, indeed, can manage 16 automated operating cycles, i.e. 16 different temperature set-points, cycle time duration and pause. Through proper setup, it possible to make the winemaker circuit switch off or maintain a specific temperature at the end of the cycle performed. The user interface clearly and promptly signals any pumps or winemaker modules faults / alarms. An acoustic or optical warning device as a buzzer or a siren or a blinker may be connected to the user interface. SCM850B equipped with  TCP/IP port (opt.) it ensures the full management and monitoring of one or more winemaking plants (even in different geographic locations) and their wine-making cycles: you just need to install the Eye-Lan software and connect to internet. A software / hardware solution is also available, which monitors the wine-making plant directly from Internet without static IP address and additional software to install.
  • 1 pump control module, SCRW02;
  • 1 valve control module, SCRW20 or SCRW10, mounted on board of each winemaker, available with 1 or 2 temperature sensors according to the hot / cold fermenter circuit.
    • Pressure sensor (opt.) for autoclaves: besides maintaining the set temperature, the thermostat will also signal the max/min pressure alarm.
    • Displayed version (opt.) for stand-alone application, such as stand alone tank.


  • Bidirectional router SCMR20, to extend the network to more than 30 tanks, up to 60 maximum. The communication between devices is very simple and uses only 2 wires + screen. The max line distance is 1.000m.
  • ModBus RTU port (opt.) to connect to already existing systems, ModBus compatible.
  • Monitoring software EYE-LAN: to manage and monitor the whole network: a powerful tool that will support you in the everyday activities and give you the peace of mind of having the entire plant under control…it takes just a few clicks.