SCBA10: New digital flow temperature controller with control of a 3-way actuator suitable for underfloor heating and cooling systems. It can control a 2-position valve (ON/OFF action) or a 3-position mixing valve (proportional action), operating time 50 / 600s.

Type of control:
  • thermostatic / fixed point control – in the case of systems without outside probe;
  • flow temperature control, with automatic adjustment of the flow water temperature according to the outside temperature variations (sensor SCPEPTC/A). In order to optimize the plant efficiency, the heating curve of the device is calibrated according to the minimum and maximum outside temperatures and to the correction value of the working point, set by the user.

Safety in case of faulty probe:

  • In case of black out or flow sensor fault, the device closes the mixing valve;
  • In case of an outside sensor fault, it automatically switches to the thermostatic / fixed point control.


  • 2 relay outputs 8A for valve controls;
  • 2 PTC/NTC sensor configurable inputs (flow sensor + optional outside sensor).

APPLICATION: underfloor heating and cooling systems.