The attention that EsseCI addresses to environmental issues has grown year after year as well as the concrete commitment to create products that reduce energy waste and impact on the environment.

With this in mind, SCADR01 was developed. It is a device that aims to reduce the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit by 30-40%* compared to the traditional system. With great satisfaction on 04/07/2019, it was acknowledged as patent for industrial invention.

Specifically, it is a driver for PTC cartridge resistor used to evaporate the defrost water of the refrigerated counters. This is an intelligent device with a particular focus on energy consumption. Its adaptive capacity indeed makes it able to understand when it is necessary to activate itself based on the presence of water in the condensate collection pan. Thus, the number of activations will reduce and last only for the strictly necessary time.

This automatically translates into:

  • energy waste reduction;
  • money savings, compared to traditional systems;
  • greater respect for the environment.

SCADR01 is available in 2 different versions:

  • device with the sole function of PTC cartridge resistor control: it is a space-saving solution targeted mainly to the OEMs of PTC cartridge resistors. It may also be installed in all refrigerated counters where there is a condensation drain pan with a PTC cartridge resistors.
  • thermostat in the standard 32*74mm case which adds the function of PTC cartridge resistor control to the standard outputs of compressor, defrost and fan. All in just one device: ideal for all new applications and targeted to the OEMs of refrigerated counters

Both versions allow immediate reduction of energy waste and money savings.

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