The software EYE-LAN, designed to be Windows® compatible, enables you to setup and monitor one or more heating plants connected to the SCBus network. Terminals (master), remote units (slaves) and sensors: keep everything under control on your pc… just in a click!

Functional and easy to use: you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it. Any operation is very simple: a few clicks and you can control the working conditions and reports of each thermal zone, send commands, change parameters and set up the heating plant ON/OFF programmes.

The view on display is clear and close to reality: you can upload plans or pictures of the thermal zones and make a virtual location plan of the devices. In just a few seconds you will create a virtual plan and be able to view at a glance the working conditions of each heater and to access its main functions.

EYE-LAN is available in 3 versions: LITE, PLUS and ADVANCED. You can upgrade your software to a more advanced version at any time simply by purchasing the specific dongle SCAME20.


EYE-LAN LITE enables you to:

  • Manage up to 10 different master units / networks / plants;
  • Manage the plan page and customize the view on display of the heating plant layout;
  • Constantly see on display the automatic update of read data;
  • Record the events (any operation performed);
  • Manage 3 user levels protected by password: ADMIN / USER 1 / USER 2.


Besides what the LITE version does, EYE-LAN PLUS includes:

  • The data-logger function: read data history can be recorded and graphically displayed;
  • The possibility to display graphically the read data and organize them by day view.


Besides what the PLUS version does, EYE-LAN ADVANCED includes:

  • An e-mail alarm system which can be configured to send alarm messages via e-mail or SMS to e-mail.