Controllers for the refrigeration industry, equipped with compressor, defrost, fan light cell relays, double measurement scale (°C and °F), ON/OFF key, different power supply options available.

Some models feature the function HACCP ASSISTANCE, which has been introduced to control the critical points compromising the preservation of food. Indeed, the thermostat records the highest and lowest peaks of temperature reached.

User-friendly menu, high configurability and all the EsseCI know-how and reliability are the strength points of these new devices.

They are available with touch screen or keyboard and they feature a renewed display for a better reading of data. OEMs customization available.

The TOUCH versions the ideal solution for all applications where a high degree of hygiene is required thanks to the smooth case and water/dirt proof front panel without holes and cracks.

Standard 32×74, 4DIN and 182×36 housings available. The 182×36 housing has been renewed and it is now the result of a study in terms of design, quality and technological innovation too. The device keyboard is covered by a mask, which gives free access only to the mostly used buttons and can be customized with the customer’s logo.


The product line includes:

Serie Basic & Budget:

Basic and budget devices, equipped with 2 NTC/PTC inputs, max 3 relays, 4 factory programmed parameter settings to choose from, double measurement scale °C/F, ON/OFF key, HACCP Assistance function and alarm management, keyboard lock and…all the EsseCI know-how and reliability!

Serie PLUS:

it represents the most advanced and performing solution of the REFRIGERATION line.

Beside the standard functions, these thermostats introduce many other specific features, which make them the ideal solution for a large number of different application. It is worth pointing out: the “antifreeze probe” and condenser temperature alarm control which are essential for the beer dispensers; the light sensitive sensor to control one door or more of the refrigerated back or under worktop cabinet or cells; the function to calculate the average temperature between 2 points for vertical self-service cabinets (ex. Dairy products, vegetables, …), etc.

oTTo Series:

The oTTo series is a complete range of controllers available with 2, 3, 4, and 5 relays. It especially suits for refrigeration units, either static or ventilated, where high power loads are required.

The oTTo series distinguishes itself by its smart box, the result of a study in terms of design and in terms of quality and technological innovation too. The device keyboard is covered by a mask which gives free access only to the mostly used buttons and can be customized with the customer’s logo



Cold stores, refrigerated counters, under worktop cabinets, display cabinets, either static or ventilated for supermarket too, vertical self-service cabinets, beer dispenser, etc.


Main features


The thermostat controls the critical points in the preservation of no durable consumer goods, by recording the highest and the lowest peaks of temperature reached.

Models:  PLUS series


Version with double power supply input 12Vac-dc and 230Vac available for all models: that allows you greater stock optimization and maximum efficiency in storage capacity.

Models: all


It is possible to set by parameter the type of probe (PTC / NTC / HT-NTC / PT100 / TC J-K or 0…10V or 4…20mA) to connect to the thermostat. That allows you stock optimization and maximum efficiency in storage capacity

Models: PLUS Series


2 measurement scales available, °C and °F: when using Celsius “°C” as measurement unit, the thermostat resolution can be with decimal or integer numbers. The range of display is included between -50,0 and 99,9. In case of values exceeding that range, the device switches automatically to integer numbers. When using Fahrenheit “°F” as measurement unit, the thermostat resolution is only integer.


It is possible to set a further set point for energy saving periods or for storing energy during low cost times.

Models:  PLUS Series


To put the device in stand-by mode.

Models: All


The iFS port can be used in different ways:

  • to set directly the thermostat by means of the programming key FastSet;
  • to program the device directly on PC by means of the iFS tool software;
  • to connect the thermostat to supervisor systems or to Modbus networks, by means of the appropriate accessory;
  • to connect the remote display SCMV10 and displaying the temperature remote or on the customer side. It is also possible to set by parameter the value to be displayed;
  • as a second programmable multifunction input, MFi2.

Models: PLUS Series: standard

Basic & Budget Series: optional


The thermostat features 2 multifunction inputs, called MFI1 and MFI2, which can be set with different functions, such as to enable a reduced set-point or to connect a 3rd and 4th probe.

Models:  PLUS series


Keyboard Lock: the keyboard can be locked by parameter in order to prevent user to change settings. Models: all

Setting parameters split into 3 sub-levels: USER, ADMINISTRATOR and FACTORY. That ensures both a direct access to the basic functions and a greater protection of the setting parameters.

Models: PLUS series


It is possible to choose the most suitable defrost type, to delay the defrosting start until compressor has cumulated the right quantity of hot gas, and link fans operation either to compressor or to certain temperature conditions

Models: All


Specific parameters prevents compressor from too frequent startings and, in case of bad working probe, it starts the compressor at fixed intervals.

Models: All