oTTo series is a complete range of controllers available with 2, 3, 4, and 5 relays, which especially suits for refrigeration units, either static or ventilated, where high power loads are required. Their ergonomic lid in clear plastic, which allows direct access to the most frequently used functions, the 6 buttons keypad and the display with icons make it easy and quick the everyday use of these devices. Indeed they perform the basic functions such as regulation and defrost, have a limited number of parameters for an easier and user friendly setting, and feature the key ON/OFF to be set by parameter.

The oTTo thermostats are fitted with screw terminals or removable fast-on connectors in order to fulfill all manufacturers and installers’ needs.
The oTTo Series includes the codes: SCX305X, SCX310X, SCX322X, SCX334X. Click the links on the dialog box located on the right to view technical features and wiring diagrams.


  • Elegance, reliability, handiness, simplicity and energy saving;
  • Ergonomic lid and 6 buttons keypad for direct access to the most frequently used functions;
  • SPLIT version available, made up of power board and remote keyboard;
  • Quick and easy programming by setting key or PC (iFS tool);
  • Port to remote display connection;
  • Polarized contacts and high power loads;
  • Fix or removable screw terminals or removable fast-on connectors;
  • Up to 3 probes and 1 MFI configurable input;
  • Light sensor EsseCI, μLUX;
  • ON/OFF to set the device and cell light in stand-by mode;
  • 3 digit display with icons, available also in blue;
  • OEMs customization available.